Benefits Of Eprescription Digital Scripts & ePrescribing

Over the past few weeks you have been processing or are aware of digital scripts. So, is this electronic prescribing (ePrescribing) or something different?

As an interim measure, digital scripts were introduced as part of the COVID-19 National Health Plan

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Increasing Your Customer Image Corum Health’s new software hits the market

Safety in dispensing has long been a concern for many pharmacists.Being able to deliver prescriptions efficiently without missing important safety information has been challenging – leading to either safety concerns, increased wait times and less face to face time with the customer.

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Customer Satisfaction Img Increasing your customer satisfaction by decreasing dispense wait times

No one likes to be kept waiting. And in a time where instant gratification is both attainable and expected, and demands are being met more readily, people rarely have to wait for goods and services anymore.

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Software Hits The Market Image Corum Health Dispense Editorial

Dispensing is an integral part of your service offering and a central point that the rest of your business is built around. While retail sales are beginning to make up a higher percentage of annual profit, dispense continues to play this central role.

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