Corum Health’s new software hits the market

Safety in dispensing has long been a concern for many pharmacists.Being able to deliver prescriptions efficiently without missing important safety information has been challenging – leading to either safety concerns, increased wait times and less face to face time with the customer.

This is mostly to do with the current software capabilities – including small screen sizes, safety pop-ups and multiple systems. But these problems can now be a thing of the past.

Corum Health is proud to announce the release of our new software, Corum Clear Dispense. A software that has been specifically created to combat the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of pharmacy dispense practices.

Corum Clear Dispense leverages user-friendly design and technologies not previously seen by the industry. They combine to deliver faster dispensing, customisable interface, and fewer errors and safety risks.

After thousands of hours of testing and trials in live pharmacy settings, Corum Clear Dispense will be available for purchase from July 2019. 

For more information or to organise a demo of the software, please click here to contact Corum Health or contact your Business Development Manager.