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Built using a SAAS (software as a service) model, your group can take advantage of more frequent releases, increased scalability and ease of integrations. By utilising simplified workflows, Corum Clear Enterprise offers a range of powerful features to ensure the pharmacies in your group are operating at their optimum performance levels. Record the supplier deals across your enterprise, franchise or stores and ensure your pharmacies are ordering correctly against those deals. Maximise your campaign management experience by using leading functionality to develop your catalogue mud map, record your supplier commitments, allocate your promotional products and execute your promotional retail pricing strategies in the one module. This brings the added benefit of reporting on the overall performance of each of these components in the one campaign. Provide your store’s with a login to utilize their own dashboard for analytics, group communications and tracking of the sales benchmarks that enterprise has set for them.

Key Features of Corum Clear Enterprise

Cce Cloud Based Computing

Leverage the latest in cloud based technology to manage your business anytime, anywhere.

Cce Management Strategies

Centralise your store management strategies using simplified workflows.

Cce Multiple Hierarchies

Utilise multiple hierarchies across your business for reporting, merchandising and store purposes.

Cce Pricing Strategy

Action your tiered pricing strategy for your store’s to select the applicable retail pricing suitable to their demographics.

Cce Supplier Commitments

Manage your supplier commitments by capturing their deal pricing and advertising spend.

Cce Campaigns

Create your own campaigns from end to end by developing your catalogue mud maps, allocating promotional orders and executing your retail promotion strategies in a single workflow.

Corum Clear Enterprise Competitor's Pricing

Record your competitor’s pricing and use it as a comparison to your own retail pricing strategies.

Cce Analytics Dashboard

Provide your store’s with an analytics dashboard that provides a real time snapshot of their performance.

Cce Benchmark

Benchmark your store’s performance using sales KPI’s and targets for them to measure against.

Cce Enterprise Business

Let your enterprise business be supported with the use of global, franchise and zones levels of products and pricing.

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