Corum CyberGuard

Prevent ransomware attacks, ensuring your patient data is protected with enterprise level technology.

Do your employees know how to keep your customer data secure?

Corum CyberGuard provides advanced security technology combined with user security awareness training to a help you protect your most valuable asset.

AI-Based Protection for the whole pharmacy
24/7 Threat Monitoring

Device Hardening
Operating System Security Updates
Pharmacy-specific policies and cyber incident response procedures
End-User Awareness Training
Cyber Incident and Compliance Reporting
Incident Response Services
  • If you answered no to any, or all of these questions, your business may be at risk. 
  • Corum CyberGuard can help protect you from a cyber breach.
  • Stress free, easy installation.
  • Uses advanced AI-based cloud automated protections.
  • Impact free network security monitoring that blocks annoying ads, risky websites, drive-by-malware and overseas threat actors and nation-states.
  • Applies device hardening policies to make pharmacy systems more resilient to cyber threats.
  • Includes security policies and staff security awareness training.
  • Regular monthly compliance reporting so you know the service is working.

Corum Cyber Security Webinar - Find Out If Your Pharmacy Is At Risk

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