Label Alignment is incorrect / printing goes across multiple labels.

The issue is related to Printer Driver settings where label size is incorrectly configured or has been reset for some reason.

This can be fixed by amending the printer label size, eg for dispense labels go to

A . Windows Start Menu > Control Panel > Devices and Printers > right click on the respective printer > Properties
B . Click on General > Preferences
C . Update the size settings (standard dimensions are below detailed below)

Then go back to Printer Properties and repeat the same process in the Advanced tab to make sure both settings are the same.
Hardware Faq5

As a general rule,

Dispense Labels should be 4” x 2.97” OR 4″ x 3.00″

Goods and Shelf Labels should be 4” x 1”

(please note that some pharmacy banner groups use specialised label dimensions)