Pharmascan is not connecting to the server. There is no end point listening.

This problem may occur where the Pharmascan server and WAP (Wireless Access Point) are working correctly but the Pharmascan still does not connect and tends to affects computers running the Windows 10 Operating System.

The connection can be resolved by updating the “Server” field in Pharmascan settings from the Computer Name of the Pharmascan server computer to the IP address. This is normally the LOTS Master but can be identified as the computer that has the Pharmascan Server application accessible within the Windows Start Menu à Start-up.

  1. Open Pharmascan and select yes when you get the message “Cannot connect to Pharmascan server would you like to check settings?”
  2. Hardware Faq 6a

  3. Update the “Server” field with IP Address of the Pharmascan hosting computer identified above. In the example below, change “” to “” (being the IP Address advised in the Pharmascan Server interface). You may also attempt to use the Computer Name as well – identified by using the Windows Start Menu and right clicking on “Computer”, then selecting “Properties” – please note that if this option is used, name must be in all lower case.
  4. Hardware Faq 6b

    You can obtain the IP address of the computer by opening the Pharmascan server on the hosting computer identified above, and on the bottom right corner of the screen, double click the Pharmascan server icon Hardware Faq 34 – note down the IP Address which is displayed as that will be the number to input into the pharmascan unit’s settings.

    Hardware Faq 6bi