Corum Cyber Defence

Prevent ransomware attacks, ensuring your patient data is protected with enterprise level technology. We bring together the security technology and services to address your needs, so you have just one point of contact with the support you need.

Our Premium Cyber product includes a 24/7 Security Operations Centre, who monitor your devices and can mitigate an attack in the middle of the night to prevent spreading through your network. While our standard service offers 8:30-9pm coverage

AI-Based Protection for the whole pharmacy
24/7 - 365 Security Operations Centre

Device Hardening
Operating System Security Updates
Pharmacy-specific policies and cyber incident response procedures
Threat Researchers constantly monitoring for Malicious attacks
Cyber Incident and Compliance Reporting
Incident Response Services

Why do you need Corum Cyber Defence?

  • If you answered no to any, or all of these questions, your business may be at risk. 
  • Corum Cyber Defence can help protect you from a cyber breach.
  • Stress free, easy installation.
  • Uses advanced AI-based cloud automated protections.
  • Impact free network security monitoring that blocks annoying ads, risky websites, drive-by-malware and overseas threat actors and nation-states.
  • In the latest evaluation, Corum Cyber Defence delivered 100% detection with zero detection delays, as well as 100% protection due to its ability to block each detected threat.*
  • Regular monthly compliance reporting so you know your Pharmacy is Protected
  • Proactive solutions like automatic remediation, device roll-back, and threat hunting capabilities can help protect against even unknown or hidden threats. With Managed EDR services you get real-time threat mitigation, efficient security operations, a scalable business, and increased customer trust. That’s a whole lot of advanced endpoint protection.

Corum Cyber Defence FAQs

Corum Cyber Defence is a holistic cybersecurity program for your business. Risk reduction technologies at the PC and network layers are combined with user awareness activities policy and process tools that provide clear rules and security best practices for your staff.

If an incident does occur, incident response and recovery options are also offered. The service has been designed to prevent cybersecurity events and incidents, stop viruses, malware and determined hackers from accessing or stealing your business’s sensitive and personal information.

Corum SafeGuard Plus is a cloud-based backup solution that protects pharmacy data. The system also allows for automated out-of-hours software updates, including drug changes.

The service is centred around a dedicated device within your Pharmacy that protects the pharmacy data that is stored on the device. Corum SafeGuard has antivirus protection, but it only protects the central SafeGuard device.

Corum Cyber Defence provides a holistic cybersecurity program for your business with antivirus and anti-hacking protection for all your pharmacy devices. It does not perform data backup, but it prevents data from being crypto-locked.

Corum SafeGuard provides business continuity and recovery function, protecting you from potential losses due to a data failure, data corruption or data loss.

These services are complementary to each other, and using both gives you the best coverage for business continuity, efficiency, and cyber protection.

No. Corum Cyber Defence includes full antivirus protection. We recommend that you remove other antivirus programs for system performance as these can cause conflicts or make your system run slower.

Yes. Corum Cyber Defence includes full antivirus protection.

Yes. Corum Cyber Defence will work alongside other vendor’s antivirus products. We recommend that you remove other antivirus programs for system performance as these can cause conflicts or make your system run slower.

Unsupported software, including antivirus, can have security vulnerabilities and increase the risk of compromise. If the antivirus software is old or unsupported, we recommend that you uninstall the software.

Yes. You will need to include these devices as part of your subscription to Corum Cyber Defence. The devices will be secured and you will be provided reports on the compliance and ongoing security of the device.

There is no minimum hardware requirement. We do however recommend that the device is less than three (3) years old to ensure that the operating system and applications can be kept up to date to minimise additional security risks from unsupported software. 

Supported Windows Versions:

• Windows 8.1

• Windows 10

• Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

• Windows Server 2012 R2

• Windows Server 2016

• Windows Server, version 1803 or later

• Windows Server 2019

Legacy operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista and 7 are not supported as we are unable to enrol them into the system and cannot apply hardening policies. You should replace the legacy computers as soon as possible.

The following operating systems are supported but please speak to your Corum Cyber Defence sales consultant before purchasing.
● Android
● Linux
● Mac OS

Microsoft does not support most versions of Windows 7. While your Windows 7 (or older Windows Vista or XP) may still be operating fine, it will not be able to be protected from modern day cyber threats. Microsoft does not provide security updates to discovered vulnerabilities and you may find it increasingly difficult to find security software that will run on these devices. It is in the best for your Pharmacy security that you act quickly and replace or upgrade the computer.

Cyber threat actors will find the weakest link in your defences. Deciding not to protect a till or admin computer will leave a possible entry point for the attacker. If your pharmacy system can access the internet, it is vulnerable to attack and compromise.

Corum Cyber Defence provides next-generation protection features, including real-time antivirus protection that is supplemented with near-instant cloud-delivered blocking and round the clock protection.
It will protect against the following types of threats:
● Malware
● Ransomware
● Drive-by attacks (such as drive-by-downloads and malicious ads)
● Network attacks and port scanning
● Network intrusions
● Block malicious sites
● Block known bad nation-states
● Lateral spread (a common tactic used by hackers to gain access to other computers in the same network)

Corum Cyber Defence provides enhanced protection against cyber threats. Consumer-grade antimalware applications are often intrusive and ask the end-users questions they don’t understand. It may detect a virus and alert the user who then has to decide what to do about it. Corum Cyber Defence will automatically investigate all malware. Corum Cyber Defence actively monitors and triages potential incidents. If the malware is severe, you will be alerted by our Security team.

Providing your computer can run a supported operating system and have an NBN connection, your Pharmacy can subscribe to Cyber Defence. Corum Cyber Defence can run on all current manufacturer supported operating systems. It is designed not to impact network and system performance.

Not applying Windows updates regularly greatly increases your risk of compromise. Microsoft releases security updates to patch critical vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker remote access to your computer. While it is advisable to wait for a short period from the security patch release before applying the patch, you should never disable the updates.

Corum Cyber Defence supports and can run on Windows 11. Before upgrading to Windows 11, you are advised to check with your current Dispense and Point of Sale provider that they also support Windows 11.

If you upgrade or replace your computer and you are subscribed to Corum Cyber Defence, you will need to inform us so we can re-install Corum Cyber Defence on the new device.
There is no impact on Corum Cyber Defence if you change your internet provider.

Corum Cyber Defence will not impact any remote support providers from connecting to your systems. To ensure we understand your other support partner remote access requirements, Corum will perform a site assessment and review before the deployment.

Corum Cyber Defence was designed to reduce the impact on the computer performance and online services. Corum often finds Pharmacies running too many free and paid competing firewall, antimalware and backup tools that impact the system performance. Corum Cyber Defence is designed to alleviate the need for so many different services.

Once the service has been operational for at least two months and has collected a baseline of your systems, you will receive monthly report of the events, incident and overall pharmacy security posture. The Corum Cyber Defence service and monthly report will help you meet the requirements for SUB-DOMAIN 4: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY of QCP 2020.

Corum will provide access to online training modules that provide pharmacy staff with best practice and up to date guidance on staying safe online. The training is designed for pharmacy environments and can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Corum will provide regular training updates as threats change and generate additional learning modules covering high risk topics such as phishing, ransomware, incident detection and response and protecting personal information.

Yes. Corum Cyber Defence provides and enforces a network firewall on each computer it is installed on. Additional web-based network monitoring is also provided and will work regardless of the web browser used.

The Corum Cyber Defence security team will take actions to contain and prevent a threat from propagating in your network. The Corum Cyber Defence Security team will isolate a device and run automated remediation to attempt to contain a threat.

In the unlikely event that the protections fail, you need the ability to respond quickly to a cyber incident. Corum Cyber Defence will provide you with direct access to experienced cyber incident response professionals. They will assist with restoring systems and guide you on how to report the incident. 

Note: This is a separate service, charged only if an incident occurs.

Corum will provide concise policies for your pharmacy. The following policies are recommended:

• Acceptable Use Policy. This policy will tell your pharmacy staff the do’s and don’ts for your workplace.

• Incident Response Policy. This policy will tell your pharmacy staff how to recognise a security event or incident and how to report it. It will also tell you how to report the issue to Corum Cyber Defence Security.

• Notifiable Data Breach Forms. These forms are for a “worst case” situation and will help collect the right information to allow you to report a data breach.

Corum can provide a basic customisation of the policies such as applying a logo from your pharmacy and updating the key pharmacy contacts during the onboarding of the service.

Corum Cyber Defence will not impact any authorised remote control application from connecting to your systems. To ensure we understand your remote access requirements, Corum will perform a site assessment and review before the deployment.

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