Retail Pharmacy Manager

Manage multiple pharmacies with ease

How can Retail Pharmacy Manager help your business?

  • Group ordering – maximise your buying power and increase your business profitability with centralised ordering
  • Reporting –  reduce store administration and optimise stock levels, cashflow and profitability for all stores with quick and easy stock, staff and sales performance reporting.
  • Customer insight – analyse your customer buying behaviours to accurately forecast stock, pricing and relevant promotions;

    – Stock management –  reduce in-store administration and optimise stock levels

    – Control pricing – manage pricing across zones to better control margins, and optimise prices to local demographics

    – Promotions – easily manage multi-buys, companion sales or bonus buys across zones; reducing store administration and increasing implementation efficiencies, customer loyalty and sales
  • Sales monitoring – view your pharmacy transactions in one place allowing you to track sales and profitability
  • Supplier promotions – manage bonus stock, rebates and discounts, set promotion start and end dates, and perform bulk updates across multiple zones and stores.
  • Customer loyalty programs – reward your most loyal customers and generate repeat business across multiple stores

Sales Promotions

Centrally manage sales promotions


Managing multiple stores is as simple as managing one

Corum Product Catalogue

Access to product information from hundreds of suppliers

Inventory Management

Centrally manage inventory – reduce your workload & ensure consistency

Flexible Pricing Models

Effective product price management strategies

Centralised Ordering

Generate orders based on sales history across the group

Loyalty & Debtor Management

Flexible loyalty club & debtor management


Analyse sales, inventory and promotions data

View Branch Information

Member stores can share stock levels and product information


Store management options allow for flexible compliance models

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