Streamlined Dispensing in LOTS

Choose to dispense in Classic view or with the Streamlined Dispensing option in LOTS: a more intuitive and user-friendly single-screen workflow.

What is Streamlined Dispensing?

Corum Streamlined Dispensing has been designed with the pharmacist user experience front-of-mind. Performing simple functions in the same place with minimal effort makes your life easier. We’ve taken on great feedback and created a new way of dispensing which, when compared to Classic, puts all the important dispense info you need at one time, on the one screen. Highlights include:
  • Improved navigation
  • Easy view and quick access to patient details or history without interrupting dispensing
  • Fewer keystrokes
  • New-look user interface
Streamlined Dispensing is optional and computer specific, meaning that if you prefer to keep things as they are, then you can keep using Classic – or another team member can use one mode whilst you enjoy the other!

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Streamlined Dispensing in LOTS