Retail Pharmacy Manager

Connect and manage multiple pharmacies with ease

Total Head Office Management

Scaling a pharmacy business is difficult.For a group of pharmacies, scalability means that your organisation is prepared to handle an increasing number of customers, staff, products and suppliers with the same level of quality and efficiency as you add more stores. Product orders, administrative tasks, inventory and marketing efforts are all multiplied by the number of pharmacies. Your goal is to simplify management of the pharmacies in your group. Instead of doing the same action for each pharmacy, you need a way to do it only once. You need a consolidated view of performance, across the group and in individual pharmacies. And to get the most out of your group buying power, you need a way to centralise decision making about inventory, pricing and promotions.

Sales Promotions

Centrally manage sales promotions


Managing multiple stores is as simple as managing one

Corum Product Catalogue

Access to product information from hundreds of suppliers

Inventory Management

Centrally manage inventory – reduce your workload & ensure consistency

Flexible Pricing Models

Effective product price management strategies

Centralised Ordering

Generate orders based on sales history across the group

Loyalty & Debtor Management

Flexible loyalty club & debtor management


Analyse sales, inventory and promotions data

View Branch Information

Member stores can share stock levels and product information


Store management options allow for flexible compliance models

What are the features and benefits of RPM?

To streamline operations, reduce costs and increase profitability, RPM enables your head office to:

  • Allocate stores to zones and manage pricing across zones to better control margins and suit local demographics
  • Manage supplier deals such as bonus stock, rebates and discounts across stores. Set promotion start and end dates, perform bulk updates and implement across multiple zones
  • View and manage inventory to reduce in-store administration and optimise stock levels across stores
  • Place group orders using centralised sales figures, to maximise buying power and increase profitability, easily transmitting order details
  • Centralise transaction records to monitor sales activity and profitability
  • Run centralised customer loyalty programs to reward customers across pharmacies, generate repeat business and analyse buyer behaviour within zones or stores to tailor stock, pricing and sales promotions
  • Manage sales promotions such as multi-buys, companion sales or bonus buys across zones to reduce store administration and increase implementation efficiency, customer loyalty and purchases
  • Report stock, staff and sales performance across all stores and zones to reduce store administration, optimise stock levels, and increase cashflow and profitability
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How does it work?

Instead of each store duplicating the same tasks to order products, set prices or manage promotions, RPM enables your head office to manage the retail strategy for all pharmacies in the group. Wholesalers can also modify product pricing via RPM’s product updates. Your head office benefits from automated pricing control and standardisation across the group.

RPM collects sales and inventory data from each store and consolidates it in a central database. Your management team has a clear view of each store’s performance and profitability. RPM efficiently transmits price changes, promotions, loyalty programs and new products to each store. With all stores connected, RPM provides the inventory visibility you need to optimise stock levels across the group.

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