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Navigating Corum Clear Dispense

Adding a New Patient, Prescriber or Dispenser

Editing a Patient, Prescriber or Dispenser

Adding and Modifying Alerts

Patient History

Search Boxes

Date, Directions and Repeats field

Dispensing and Editing a New Script

Dispensing an Own Repeat and Script Queue Options

Dispensing Other Script Types


Drug Interactions and Alerts

CCD Prescribers Bag

Creating New Drugs

Merging Patients

Notes & Labels

Private Pricing of Scripts

Dispensed Screen


Claim Reports

Closing a Claim

CCD & LOTS POS Integration

Available Corum Support Options

How to Dispense an ePrescription in CCD

How to Reissue Or Reprint a Token in CCD

How to Dispense an ePrescription when eScript is offline in CCD

Utilising Script Queue for ePrescribing in CCD

When Editing a Script How to Ensure it Doesn’t Print a Label

What Do the Columns in the Patient History Mean?

How Can I Search For My Patients

How Do I See All The Medications a Patient Is On?

How To Add Items To The Script Queue

How to Add New Patients, Prescribers, Drug and Staff

What Shortcut Keys Are Available?

How to Print Labels After Editing

How to Use the Same SIG as a Previous Script

How to Change Major Wholesaler

Can I Change My Password Specifications?

How to Dispense an Immediate Supply

How to Setup New and Edit Current SIGS

How to Highlight Items so They Display as Yellow When Dispensing

How to Add Notes to a Patient

Navigating the PRF Tab

How to Get a History Report

How to Update Script Prices

How to Bring Up CALs

How to Increase the Time Out Period on Passwords

How to Dispense a Prescribers Bag Item

How to Mark Off an Owing with a Token

How to Move a Script to a Different Patient

How to Dispense a Vet Product

How to Print an Address Label

Frequently Asked Questions on ePrescribing

Do we need MedView Flow for ePrescriptions

How to Dispense a CTG Script

How to do a Previously Deferred Script

How to enable SafeScript

How to find a Missing Patient

How to mark off an Owing with a Token

How to Merge Patients

How to print a PRF Report

How to see all scripts done in a Day

How to see the second Label

How to turn on ePrescribing

Date Options

Handy Hints

PBS Co-Payment Discounting

How to add Family members

Keyboard Shortcuts

How to do a CTG Script

Copy to New Script

Corum Clear Dispense 9.2 Release

ASL Status in Search

Barcode scanning drug selection

Edited by history

Multiple pack check off

Patient and Prescriber details update from eScripts

Private Drug Substitution

Searching with SLA number

Supplied Date owing mark off