Training Videos – LOTS Dispense

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House Keeping in LOTS

Registering a New Patient for MySL

Configuring Dispense Labels

Printer Set up In LOTS

Dispensing Different Script Types

Generic Options

Dispensing a Batch of Scripts

Bulk Resubmit of Waiting Scripts

Creating or Editing Sigs

Medication Chart

Setting a Special Price

Updating Patient Details

Medicare Name

Rollover Claim

View Claim Details


Drug Labeller

Adding and Editing Prescribers

Drug Scan Options

Changing Major Wholesaler

Patient Categories

Classic and Streamline Work Flows

Available Corum Support Options

How to Dispense an ePrescription

How to Dispense an ePrescription when eScript is Offline

How to Reissue Or Reprint a Token

Utilising Script Queue for ePrescribing

End of Financial Year Procedures

Where Do My CMI’s Print To?

Where Can I See My Scripts Waiting for Collection?

Drugs Owing Vs Script Owing

Has the Drug Update Been Run?

How to Dispense a CTG Script

Repat Scripts Coming Through as Private

Why Do I Occasionally Receive an Error 5?

Does LOTS Have Different Ways of Dispensing?

How to Turn On ‘Close Drug Scan Windows Automatically’ Setting

How to Disable Dockets on Script Queuing

How to Increase TimeOut on Passwords

How to Not Print a Label and Repeat When Finishing a Script

My PBS is Offline, What Do I Need To Check?

Why is My Owing Reminder Printing on A5 Paper?

Why Can’t I Find a Patient That Should Be in the System?

Why Does the Label Have a Hash Symbol?

Why Didn’t My DD Item Go Through to DDBook?

How to Dispense an OTC Product

How to Dispense a Doctor’s Bag

How to Bring Up the eScript Panel If Closed During the Script

How to Move a Script to a New Patient

How to Find Your Claim Number

How to Dispense a Vet Prescription

How to Mange Owing Scripts via the Bulk Edit Utility

Why is the ‘Medicare Name’ Button Yellow

How to Setup so Patient Comments Pop Up

How Do I Print Last Year’s Safety Net

Navigating the LOTS Dispense Screen

Do I Need Medview Flow for ePrescriptions

How many days the scripts are Available at the Till for Collection

End of Year Checklist

Windows 10 – Network changes after upgrading

How to turn on and use Script Queuing

Frequently asked questions on ePrescribing

Mark off owing with Token

Defer a token

eScript Check off tab

New Owing Script Report options

Doctor Fax number owing script reminder

ePrescription A5 Printing

3.6 New Features Dispense

3.7 New Features Dispense

Own Repeats to Script Queue

Delivery token prompt options

Medication Management System Settings

DAA Patient options

Pharmacist Dispensing

Drug Analysis Report