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LOTS Start Menu Navigation

How to Create a New Sale

Processing Account Sales

Sales on Hold and Abandoned Sales

Other Types of Sale Functions

Other Options

Stock Transfer Options

Windows 10 Network Settings

House Keeping in Lots

Printer Set up In Lots




Pricing tab

Stock Flags tab

Ordering tab

Labels and Promo tab

Creating a New Stock Card

Printing Product Labels

Rolling Stocktakes

Special Stocktake

Scanning Stocktake and Pharmascan Stocktake

Stock Card Hotkeys

Companion Items and Stock card Discounts


What is an End of Day?

How to do an End of Day report?

Missing an End of Day report

End Of Day Options

How to Create an Order?

Sending Orders and Receiving Invoices

Explanation of the Order Periods

Splitting & Editing Orders

Other Ordering Options


Manually Changing Orders

Editing and Order Delivering an Invoice


Order Invoice Options

PharmX Sign-up Utility

What is a Debtor?

How to Create a Customer and an Account Holder in LOTS?

Setting up and using Account Classes in LOTS

Debtor Options for Statements

Journal Entries

Perform Rollover

Available Corum Support Options

CCD & LOTS POS Integration

Adding & Editing Staff

Change Stock Cards in Bulk

Modify Department

Merge Duplicate Stock

Stock Card Options in Bulk

Multibuys & Bonus Buys

Labelling Program

Stock List and Value report

Stocktake report

Nominate Supplier

Requesting and Updating Promotion Files

Add and Edit Specials

Price updates

Changing Major Wholesaler

End of Financial Year Procedures

How to Setup Auto-generated Stock List Reports

How to Use Receipt Number For Returns

How to Add a New Product

How to Change the Date on a Special in Bulk

How to Create a Stock Group

How To Create An Order For All Items

How to Delete an Invoice

How Can I Modify the Look of My Shelf Labels

How Can I See Paid Outs?

How Long Do I Need to Wait to See My ‘Out of Stock’ Information After Sending an Order

How to Do a 2 for 1 Special

How to Add Messages and Bank Detail to Accounts

How to Print Reports to PDF

How to Enable and Set Up Receipt Vouchers

How to Process an Exchange

Why Won’t Stock Cards Open?

How to Increase the Days Scripts are at the Till

How to Setup Retail and Recommended Retail on Shelf Labels

How to Update GST

How to Turn On Script Queuing

Why are Labels Printing Every Time I Order/Deliver an Invoice?

What to Check If an Item isn’t Coming Up on Orders

How to Turn Off Seeing Inactive Cards

How to Turn Off Receipts at the Till

How to See When a Product Was Last Sold

How to Request a New Price File

What suppliers are available on PharmX

End Of Year Checklist

What version of LOTS am I running

How to do Group price changes

How to Zero SOH

How to Move an item to a different department

How to Rename or Delete an account class

What do flashing Price Updates mean

How to turn on the docket barcode

How to use Copy card

How to Add a non PharmX Supplier

How to setup using Nominate Supplier for price updates

What do flashing Price Updates mean

General Setup

Updating Network on Android Pharmascan

How to create an order on Pharmascan

What to check when not connecting

Pharmascan Stocktake

Editing Stock Cards on Pharmascan

How to Receipt an Invoice by Invoice Number

Stock Transfer

Printing Labels from Pharmascan

3.6 New Point of Sale features

Emailing Receipts

Surcharge options

MOQ Displaying in Orders

Comments and Specials information in orders

Turning off Goods Label printing

Department filter option in Automated reports

LOTS Point Of Sale 3.7 New Features

Schedule item prompt

Automatic Surcharge

Re-Occurring Orders

Order Category Update Options

Automatic Debtor Rollover and Sending statements

Promotions Via Stock Group

Group Price Changes Changes