Frequently Asked Questions

Sigma PDE Changeover

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of processes happening in the background, and until the change takes place there isn’t anything you need to do. We only recommend that you ensure you have enough shelf labels to reticket all Sigma items, as it is most likely that they will need to be updated.

Yes, you will need to reticket all items that are ordered from Sigma.

While you can print the UPI on shelf tickets, this is not recommended. When searching for an item in the Point of Sale, searching by the UPI will not work. In Orders, you can search by UPI, but you will need to tab down to the UPI field each time, which becomes time consuming. Instead, the best option is to print PLU’s on the shelf tickets. The PLU number is your major wholesaler Partcode\PDE.

No, once the changeover has been completed, you will need to send the new 8-digit codes.

Yes, Sigma have advised that they will allow orders to be places using the 6-digit codes until the changeover has been completed.

It is unlikely that you will receive a call on the exact rollover day. We will be contacting each store to arrange the change over time. You can continue to order as normal until we contact you. 

A Corum Representative will contact you when it is time to change over. They will walk you through the required processes.

You can contact us at for all of your Sigma PDE change enquiries.