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World Backup Day
World Backup Day is 31st March, the day to backup and better protect your data. Keep reading to find out how you can protect your pharmacy from data loss. 

Ensure you can recover from ransomware attacks 
Backing up your data makes it faster and easier to restore your files if they become lost, stolen or compromised. Having a backup means you can restore your files if something goes wrong. It is a precautionary measure so that your data is accessible if something happens to your computer. We recommend backing up your files regularly. 

Set up and perform regular backups 
Providing you understand your most important business data, you must focus on ensuring a backup of the data, both stored locally and ideally off-site. The off-site location can be your home or, even better, on a cloud storage location. Corum Safeguard can help implement this requirement within your pharmacy. 

Turn on ransomware protection 
Along with having regular backups in place, make sure you have “next-gen” anti-malware running to block suspected ransomware activities such as attempting to encrypt files or delete files. If you don’t already have this type of protection, consider investing in an updated “next-gen” anti-malware software with application control or whitelisting capabilities. Corum Cyber Protect can help implement this requirement within your pharmacy. 

If you have any questions about Corum’s password security or cybersecurity solutions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.