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Did You Know There Are Risks When Using Free Antivirus Services?

Authored by David Carroll 

Are you relying only on a free antivirus solution to protect your pharmacy systems from cyber threats? If so, you may be putting your business at risk.

While free antivirus software may seem cost-effective, it often lacks the comprehensive features and proactive monitoring needed to safeguard pharmacy data and systems against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. In this blog post, we’ll explore the risks of using free antivirus solutions and why investing in comprehensive cyber defence services like ours is essential for protecting your pharmacy.

What are the most likely risks with Free AV? 

While free antivirus solutions can offer basic protection against malware and other threats, they may also come with certain risks and limitations compared to paid antivirus solutions. Some risks associated with using free antivirus solutions include the following:

Free Antivirus Risks

Limited Features
Free antivirus solutions often offer limited features compared to paid antivirus solutions. Advanced features such as firewall protection, ransomware protection, email protection, or device optimisation may not be available in free versions, leaving your system vulnerable to specific threats.

Reduced Detection Rates
Free antivirus solutions may have lower detection rates compared to paid solutions. This means they may not be as effective at detecting and removing all types of malware, including new or sophisticated threats, which increases the risk of infections.

Lack of Timely Updates
Antivirus software relies on regular updates to stay effective against evolving threats. Free antivirus solutions may not receive timely updates to their virus definitions and malware detection capabilities. This could leave your system vulnerable to new malware variants that emerge after the last update.

Advertisements and Pop-ups
Free antivirus solutions may include advertisements and pop-ups urging users to upgrade to a paid version or purchase additional products. These ads can be annoying and may distract or disrupt your user experience.

Privacy Concerns
Some free antivirus solutions may collect user data, such as browsing habits or other personal information, for various purposes, including advertising or marketing. This raises privacy concerns, given the sensitive data kept in a pharmacy setting and the expectation of privacy of your customers.

Limited Customer Support
Free antivirus solutions may not provide comprehensive customer support, or support may be limited to online forums or communities. This may result in no assistance or slower response times in case of issues or technical problems.

Brand Reliability
Free antivirus solutions from lesser-known or less reputable brands may carry a higher risk of potential security vulnerabilities. They may lack the resources or expertise to update and secure their products.

How Does Corum’s Offering Compare to Free AV?
Corum’s subscription-based cyber defence services offer a comprehensive and proactive approach to cybersecurity, with features such as AI-based protection, system-based firewall, 24/7 monitoring and automated remediation, device hardening, operating system updates, pharmacy-specific policies and cyber incident response procedures, and incident response services.
These features go beyond what a typical free antivirus solution provides, offering higher protection and support for your pharmacy systems.
In contrast, most free antivirus solutions may have limited features. They may not provide the same level of comprehensive protection, proactive monitoring, and support.

Corum Cyber Defence Features

If you are worried about the security of your pharmacy systems and want to know how you can implement strong security in your pharmacy and protect yourself from ransomware, speak to your Corum Customer Success Manager or contact us on 1300 669 865.