Did You Know 2022

Cyber Security Awareness Month

Did You Know That October Is Cyber Security Awareness Month, An Annual Reminder For All Australians To Stay Secure Online? 

Authored by David Carroll 

As you know, this month, we have focused on social media and online privacy, but it has also been a month of cyber breaches. Optus kicked things off, and we already have threat actors targeting those affected. Then we had Medibank with ransomware, a subsidiary of Woolworths called Mydeal losing 2.2 million customer details, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) had classified documents exposed, and just yesterday, online Wine retailer Vinmofo was breached.

These breaches serve as an ongoing reminder to invest in cybersecurity protections and continued vigilance. Running a free anti-virus and backing up to a USB thumb drive is no longer enough protection against today’s cyber threats.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre has launched a series of posts and information pages to promote Cyber Security Awareness Month. 

Click on the images below to learn about the ACSC’s practical ways to protect yourself online.

Finally, if you are worried that you might have been hacked, you can take the ACSC’s “Have you been hacked?” quiz to get advice on what to do, depending on your situation: https://www.cyber.gov.au/have-you-been-hacked

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