Did You Know 2022
Did You Know That Not All Antivirus Are The Same?

Traditional antivirus software was designed to block file-based malware by scanning files and quarantining any malicious executables it finds. It requires daily updates and uses many system resources to run.  

This solution was acceptable in the early days of security software. However, attacks have evolved to bypass this kind of protection. To protect against modern threats, you need a modern and intelligent Antivirus, known as Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV). 

Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV):

NGAV uses artificial intelligence, behavioural detection and machine learning algorithms to protect against known and unknown threats.  

NGAV is cloud-based, which allows it to be deployed quickly. It is designed to employ a single, lightweight, unobtrusive agent with minimal impact on the endpoint. It also removes the burden of maintaining the software. Updating antivirus signature databases is also no longer needed.  

As NGAV is cloud-connected, allowing potential malware infections and other security incidents to be detected 24/7. Rules can be defined to automatically remediate events before they become a problem for your business. NGAV also can “quarantine” an endpoint off the network, stopping it from spreading the infection to other devices on the same network.  

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