Activating Diary Alerts

The ‘Diary’ functionality has been integrated into LOTS to allow pharmacy staff to send diary alerts to each other based on the recipient’s staff ID.

  1. From the LOTS Main Menu Tools Options menu button (as shown in Figure 8.1.1).
  2. Figure 8.1.1

    Figure 8.1.1

  3. Enter in your staff ID (if required) to proceed.
  4. From the ‘LOTS Options’ screen, select the ‘Diary Alerts’ tab (as shown in Figure 8.1.2).
  5. Figure 8.1.2

    Figure 8.1.2

  6. Once the ‘Diary Alerts’ tab is displayed tick the ‘Enable Diary Alerts’ tick box (as shown in Figure 8.1.2).
  7. Click ‘OK’.

Note: Diary Alerts can be turned off at any time via the Tools Options ‘Diary Alerts’.