Multi-Buy Example I – ‘Buy Any 3 Hair Lemon Products and Receive 10% Off’

This example explains how to setup a Multi-Buy where if the customer purchases any 3 Hairy Lemon products they will receive 10% off.

  1. When setting up the Details section of the Multi-Buy window ensure that the Message at Till explains to the pharmacy attendant that the customer will receive a 10% discount on their Hairy Lemon products when they purchase 3 or more.
  2. Figure 5.4.1

    Figure 5.4.1

  3. Ensure the Multi-Buy radio button is checked and that you have entered a start and finish date.
  4. Figure 5.4.2

    Figure 5.4.2

  5. For this example you will need to add every Hairy Lemon product to the Bonus Products window and set the Sell at Disc % to 10%
  6. To apply a 10% discount when the customer purchases 3, the ‘Bonus Qty’ will need to be set to 3
    Note: If the Bonus Qty is set to 3 the 10% discount will only get applied to multiples of three.
  7. Figure 5.4.3

    Figure 5.4.3

  8. When a Multi-Buy item is brought up at the sales screen, you will notice that a different icon appears:Page 112 Image 252
  9. The ‘Message at Till’ will be displayed to the pharmacy attendant whenever a Hairy Lemon product is being sold at the register (as shown in Figure 5.4.4)
  10. Figure 5.4.4

    Figure 5.4.4

  11. The 10% discount can occur in a number of ways for example:
    • A customer can purchase a single Hairy Lemon product with a quantity of 3.
    • 3 individual Hairy Lemon products.
    • Or 2 of one Hairy Lemon product and 1 of another Hairy Lemon product.
  12. Figure 5.4.5

    Figure 5.4.5

  13. When any one of the above examples are triggered the discount field will show 10% off

Note: Once a Multi-Buy has been activated the text of the Bonus-Buy items turns green.