Printing Shelf Labels from the Print Queue

  1. Before printing shelf labels from this location you must select the items in the queue before printing them out.
  2. You can hold down either the [Control] or [Shift] keys to make multiple selections.
  3. Figure 2.6.1

    Figure 2.6.1

  4. The [Control] key enables you to select items that aren’t consecutive.
  5. The [Shift] key enables you to select items that are consecutive (shown right).
  6. Once you have highlighted the required shelf labels, select the ‘Print Selected Labels’ button (as shown in Figure 2.6.2).
  7. Figure 2.6.2

    Figure 2.6.2

  8. A progress bar will display showing how long your shelf labels will take to print.
  9. When the shelf labels have printed, a screen will display asking if you wish to ‘Remove Selected Labels from the Shelf Label Queue’ (as shown in Figure 2.6.2).
  10. Select ‘Yes’ only if the labels have printed successfully and you don’t require any additional shelf labels.
  11. Select ‘No’ if you want to reproduce the last batch of labels that have been printed as they are still available in the shelf label queue.