Adding/Removing Bonus-Buy Products

  1. Whilst in the Multi-Buys window select your trigger product or products by selecting ‘Add’
  2. Figure 4.2.1

    Figure 4.2.1

    Note: The trigger product is the item the customer must purchase in order to receive the bonus product.

  3. This will display the ‘Stock Multi-Search’ window.
  4. Figure 4.2.2

    Figure 4.2.2

  5. Use the filters to access the list of products you wish to set as the trigger products.
    Note: You can set a single product or a group of products as trigger products
  6. Once you have selected the product, set the ‘Trigger Qty’.
  7. Figure 4.2.3

    Figure 4.2.3

  8. For example, if you wanted to give a bonus product to someone who brought 2 items then you would set the trigger quantity to 2.
  9. If you accidentally enter an unwanted trigger or bonus product, simply highlight the product and select ‘Remove’. Alternately to remove all products from the list select ‘Remove All’.
  10. Figure 4.2.4

    Figure 4.2.4

  11. Selecting Add will bring up the ‘Stock Multi-Search’ window for the bonus items (see Figure 9.2.5).
  12. Stock Multi Search

    Stock Multi Search

  13. This stock multi-search window has a ‘Default Value’ section which will apply either a discount price or percentage to the bonus product selected.
    Note: When you select the Bonus product you can either sell it at a set price or at a percentage discount.
    If you wish to give the bonus item for free set the Sell at Price to $0.00 (or the discount to 100%).
  14. Once you have chosen your filters and set the Default Value, select ‘OK’. This will display a list of product to choose from.
  15. When you return to the Multi-Buys window set the ‘Bonus Qty’.
    Note: The Bonus Quantity is the number of bonus items the customer can receive.
    For example, if the Bonus Qty was set to 2 then the pharmacy operator could choose any two of the bonus products listed
  16. Bonus Qty

    Bonus Qty

  17. Once all options are set select ‘Apply’.