Packman Common Calls

NOTE: Packman is part of AWD however it is able to standalone so backups, corruptions etc are all handled the same way as you do with AWD.

Can’t print a foil

  1. Ask the client is this for all patients or just one? If only one patient call up patient and check to see if the print option has a Y or N in it
  2. If all patients can’t print, check printer settings in workstation setup and check windows printer ensure you can get a test page

Change the days to go in different direction

  1. Ask Client is this for all patients or just one or two?
  2. If one or two calls up the patient and select the profile and then select Actions>Edit Profile then select direction UP or DOWN
  3. If for all patients a sql will need to be done for this however you can also setup the settings for all new profiles to print that way in module setup.

Drugs not showing up in system

  1. Check last time a drug update was done and send current update file and run this for site.

Packman not connecting to lots patient history

  1. Most cases this is the mapped drive is disconnected go into Computer and checked mapped drives the master of the lot will have a red X on it simply double click on this you will see explorer windows open-close this down and open packman again.

Can’t link packman to lots on 64bit system

  1. Currently Microsoft does not have any 64-bit ODBC drivers available for the Office products aka lots access database, so you will need to use the 32bit version of this.
  2. Enter this pathway into run menu in windows c:\windows\sysWOW64\odbcad32.exe
  3. Then setup connection to lots.mdb
  4. Then in packman reselect the link to lots and set history to 2 years

Drug update won’t install

  1. Ask the client if they have ensured all AWD modules are closed
  2. Review all processes to see if Antivirus/Firewall or 3rd Party Programs are impacting on the system
  3. 3rd party programs should be stopped and drug update attempted again

Drug Update still prompting to be installed

  1. Confirm drug update has been installed and run if not then have a site run it at the close of business
  2. Move drug files from E updates folder into the Done folder

Patient went missing from the database

  1. Most cases the surname has been accidentally changed. (From organisers patients screen call up patient with the address and change the name back to what it should be save and then test back on main dispense screen)
  2. The rest of the time patient has been accidentally deactivated. (From organizers patients screen call up patient and reactivate

Dispense slave not opening

  1. Check icon properties ensure it’s looking to the correct pathway
  2. Check BDE pathway for “Healthlinks, GenesisDatabase and MDx5” alias are all using correct pathways
  3. Ensure network access to the master is working
  4. Check firewall settings on both slave and master to allow products access

Haven’t received drug update

  1. Ask the client to confirm internet connection is working
  2. Check CMC scheduler is running in the system tray
  3. Open CMC and try a manual retrieval
  4. Rescan options for CMC to ensure it’s seeing the correct approval number