Scanning Stocktake

A Scanning Stocktake is a quicker and easier method of being able to modify stock on hand totals.

This utility is useful for scanning items that are at hands reach and being able to quickly and easily amend stock on hand levels

  1. From the LOTS ‘Start Menu’ select, ‘Tools’ > ‘Utilities’ ‘Stock Utilities’ ‘Scanning Stocktake’ (as shown in Figure 7.3.1).
  2. Figure 7.3.1

    Figure 7.3.1

  3. You will be prompted to key in your staff ID (as shown in Figure 7.3.2).
  4. Figure 7.3.2

    Figure 7.3.2

  5. The ‘Stock Search’ screen will appear (as shown in Figure 7.3.3). From this point you can either scan the item, key in the PLU/PDE of the item or key in part of the description.
  6. Figure 7.3.3

    Figure 7.3.3

  7. Select the ‘Search’ button to proceed
  8. When the item is displayed on the screen you can amend the stock on hand to be the Actual
    Stock on Hand amount.
  9. Figure 7.3.4

    Figure 7.3.4

  10. This program also allows you to change the retail price, which updates the stock cards accordingly.
  11. Select the ‘Ok’ button to record your changes.
  12. 8. Confirmation message for amending either Stock on Hand and or Retail Price box will appear (as shown in Figure 7.3.5).
  13. Figure 7.3.5

    Figure 7.3.5

  14. Select the ‘Ok’ button to record your changes.