FAQ: Amfac & Packman

How do I add medication to Packman profile? #

Right-click on profile “Add Medication to Profile”
Packman Faq4

Fill in the left-hand form with Pharmacist, Prescribed By, Drug, Directions and other standard details.

Press TAB all the way through until the drug gets loaded on the bottom left screen. Save.
Packman Faq4a

How do I add/change Medicare names? #

Click on the Patient Details button on the top right of the Amfac Dispense view
Packman Faq1

Click on the ellipsis (“…”) just to the right of the Card Line # and existing Medicare Name field. Update the patient’s Medicare name accordingly.
Packman Faq1a

How do I process a Repatriation script? #

Select a patient and make sure the category is set to Repat.

Select the “Blank Repat Ready prepared” if applicable, this should carry the V99F repeat code for claiming.

Add a suitable description in the Item Dispensed field.

Tab to the Recovery Price field and add the calculated value – make sure to put the price in the Recovery Price field, NOT in the Patient Price field. Finish the script as per usual.
Packman Faq3

How do I resubmit all waiting scripts? #

Open the CTS Claims module to access the current open claim.

On the right-hand side, from the drop down, select “No PBS Online Info”
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Highlight all the scripts that are listed with a red waiting status “??”, right-click and then select Resend.

The scripts will periodically clear as they are progressively transmitted through the PBS Online service – ultimately there should be 0 scripts “waiting”
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How do I set up co-payment discounts? #

From the Dispense screen, on the top row, click on Options > Module setup.

In the Dispensing Setup window, scroll to the right of the top tabs to find “PBS Discounting”
Packman Faq2

Click on Add to create a new rule. In the below example the rule that has been set is that all Concession and Repatriation scripts will be given a $0.50 discount.
Packman Faq2a

Note: Patient-specific Co-Payment Discounts take priority over global discounts. This can be set from within a patient’s details screen.
Packman Faq2c