1. How do I merge Patients in CCD?
    – Go to Patient organiser > select your patient > hit the more button > Merge > follow the pop up window
    Note: This cannot be reversed once the patient is merged so double check it is the correct patient etc.
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  3. How do I see a list of prescriptions done in a day in CCD?
    – Script Organiser, you can expand out the date range or search from this section also.
  4. When searching for a drug can I use PBS code?
    – Yes,You can type a / then the code, the results will filter down the more you type or type the PBS code in full.
  5. In Item Dispense how do I get a full list of the available generics?
    – This depends on your short cut selections. Some options are Space Bar, F11or Alt+down arrow should show the full list.
  6. How do I get a history report in CCD?
    – This is the Script list Report.
  7. Is there a way they can make Allergies come up as pop-ups?
    – Yes in pharmacy settings > Show pop-up alert for allergies or critical drug interactions. (This will give a pop up during dispense which forces the dispenser to hit yes to continue)
  8. Does the stock cards retail price appear in the stock Information?
    – Yes, the Retail to end consumer (RRP) appears in the stock information panel
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  10. When on the Dispensed Screen, do I have to hit New Patient or can I scan an eRX script and it will start the script process?
    – You can scan the eRX from the dispensed screen and it will start the new eRX script. You do not need to hit new patient.
    – You can also scan the eRX script from any screen that isn’t reports and it will shoot you back to the dispense screen and load the eRX script.
  11. From the Dispensed screen, if the focus is not on the “Same Patient” button how do I get to the next script?
    – Press S for the same patient or N for a new patient, scan a ERX barcode or own repeat barcode.
  12. Can I see the Stock on hand of a product from the Item dispensed Drop down menu?
    – Yes it’s on the right.
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  14. How to create a new Drug in the system?
    – In Drug Organisers, Select ‘ADD’, On the right a new blank Drug details will appear, Enter the required details
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  16. How to set a price on a Drug?
    – In Drug Organisers, search for the drug, when highlighted, on the right in Drug Details, Tick the Special Private Price. Then select the Pricing Basis accordingly.
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  18. How do I do a CTG ( Closing the Gap) Prescription?
    – In the patient details Ensure you have ‘Registered for CTG’ ticked in the patient details
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  20. How do I do a Doctors bag Script?
    – In the Patient details we need to ensure that Prescriber bag Recipient is ticked
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  22. Can I indicate that the scripts are left at the pharmacy?
    – Yes, In the patient details, Tick Scripts kept on file.
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  24. What is the difference between Item prescribed and Item dispensed?
    – Item Prescribed is what the Doctor wrote the script for. This can be a brand or a Generic name.
    – Item Dispensed is what was actually given to the customer
  25. How do I add a patient to a family?
    – In the Patient details, there is a PRF tab. In the middle of this is a search to find the family this person belongs to. You can then Add and remove family members as required, using the Add and delete options
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  27. What does it mean when a Prescriber, Patient or Staff member is greyed out?
    – This means they are Deactivated. Often used for Decease patients.
  28. Why can’t I find a customer in the system that I know should be there?
    – They may be listed as deactivated, Search for them in Organisers instead.
  29. Why is the Paperclip dark sometimes?
    – Whenever you see a colored paperclip, it means there is a note or label or something attached to that item. This can be found on scripts, patients, prescribers, staff, and drugs