Printing Additional Receipts

  1. If you wish to reprint a receipt for a previous transaction, select the relevant transaction from the list in the LOTS ‘Point of Sale’ screen (as shown in Figure 1.11.1).
  2. Figure 1.11.1

    Figure 1.11.1

  3. Once you have selected the transaction, either select the ‘Print Receipt’ option or press the [R] key.
  4. Alternatively, you can select any previous transaction and press the [Enter] key to view the receipt, and then press the printer symbol to print. (as shown in Figure 1.11.2)
  5. Figure 1.11.2

    Figure 1.11.2

Note: You can print out a receipt that was processed on a previous day. This can be done in the LOTS ‘Point of Sale’ screen, by selecting View Display Other days Sales, keying in the appropriate day of the sales that you wish to view and selecting the ‘Ok’ button.