Setting Bonus Buy Details

  1. To set up a new Bonus- Buy, from the LOTS Start Menu Tools Utilities Stock Utilities Multi-buys.
  2. This will display the Multi-Buys setup window
  3. To create a new Bonus- Buy select ‘New’.
  4. Figure 4.1.1

    Figure 4.1.1

  5. Under Type ensure Bonus-Buy is selected
  6. Figure 4.1.2

    Figure 4.1.2

  7. Then enter in the following:
    Figure 4.1.3

    Figure 4.1.3

    • ‘Multi-Buy Name’ –The name of the Bonus-Buy.
    • Message at Till’ – This is the message to be displayed at the till when the bonus-buy is triggered. This will advise the sales people to companion sell the bonus item.
    • Start Date’ – The date the Bonus-Buy is to begin.
    • Finish Date’ – The date the Bonus-Buy is to finish.
    • ‘Suspended’ – If for any reason you need to suspend the Bonus-Buy before the Finish Date you will need to tick the Suspended tick box (e.g. waiting for more stock).
    • Max. Occurrences Per Sale – This is the maximum amount of times the Bonus-Buy is allowed to be sold per sale.