Setting the Default Companion Item Message

LOTS gives you the ability to set up a default message to appear on the customer display screen next to your companion item image.

Note: This will only be shown on the customer display screen (if connected) when a sale item is selected that has companion items associated with.

  1. Navigate from the LOTS Start Menu > Tools > Options.
  2. Select ‘Companion Sales’ from the POS menu (as shown in Figure 3.1.1).
  3. Figure 3.1.1

    Figure 3.1.1

  4. The ‘Companion Sales’ window will allow you to set the ‘Companion Text’ (as shown in Figure 3.1.2).
  5. Figure 3.1.2

    Figure 3.1.2

  6. There are two commands that can be used when entering the companion text, these are:
    • companionitem] – Use [companionitem] where you want the companion item description to be placed e.g. ‘N/OWN ACIDOPHILUS PLUS C 60’.
    • [saleitem] –Use [saleitem] where you want the sale item description to be placed e.g. ‘AMOXIL 250MG C’.
  7. Once you have entered your companion sale message, select the ‘Apply’ button to save your changes (as shown in Figure 3.1.3).
  8. Figure 3.1.3

    Figure 3.1.3

  9. Select ‘OK’ to exit out of the Options menu.