Training Videos Questions

  1. Navigating Corum Clear Dispense.
    1. How can CCD be navigated?
    2. – CCD can be navigated by the Keyboard or the mouse

    3. Can I use shortcuts similar to other programs?
      – Yes. These options are found in Pharmacy > Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts
    4. Can the panels on the right be changed?
      – At the moment these panels are fixed. But very soon there will become movable.
  2. Adding a New Patient, Prescriber or Dispenser
    1. How do I add a new Patient, Prescriber or Dispenser?
      – After searching for them and confirming they cant be located, Click Add New or Insert.
    2. Can I store multiple types of addresses ie Home and work?
      – Yes. This is located in the Patient details
    3. Can I set Co-payment discounts per person?
      – Yes this is located in the Patient details “other” section
  3. Editing Patient Prescriber or Dispenser
    1. How do I update patient details in CCD?
      – Click on the Pencil at the top right corner of the patient summary
    2. How do I open the details of the prescriber?
      – Click on the paperclip and then click on the identity tab
    3. How do I see all prescribers, dispensers or patient?
      – Via the organisers section
  4. Adding and Modifying Alerts
    1. Who can have an alert?
      – Patients, Prescribers, drugs and Dispensers
    2. Where are the alerts located?
      – In the Left panel
    3. What do the pictures in the alerts indicate?
      – These advice who the alert is for. Person = Patient. Prescriber = Stethoscope. Drug = Open packet of drugs. Pharmacist\Dispenser = Whitecoat
    4. What does the coloured Paperclip mean?
      – It means there is an alert or note attached
    5. If a delete an alert, does it delete completely?
      – Yes, if you are unsure, it is best to hide the alert for the time being.
  5. Patient History
    1. What does the coloured dot mean in the patient history?
      – This indicates the PBS Status of the script. Green is accepted, Yellow = The script has a warning. Red is rejected and grey or no colour is a private script
    2. What indicates the script is owing?
      – A mobile phone symbol in the date prescribed
    3. How do I filter the history down?
      – Type in the search box
    4. How do I select multiple items in the patient history?
      – Use either your ctrl or Shift keys
    5. Why is a drug in the history coloured?
      – This is to indicate that the script being dispensed has a interaction with something in the history.
  6. A Search boxes
    1. What order do I type a name when searching for someone?
      – Any order, separated by a space only
    2. How can a search for a Doctor?
      – You can search by First and last name in any order, Or Prescriber number
    3. How do I drop down the Item type?
      – Alt+Down arrow, Or type the first letter of the required option
    4. What values can I use to search for the item prescribed
      – Name, Form type ,Strength or PBS Code. They can be searched in any order.
    5. How do I bring up all generics?
      – Spacebar, F12 or Alt+Down Arrow
  1. B Date, Directions and Repeats field
    1. Are slashes required for the date fields?
      – No, you can type a date with or without them.
    2. Can you forward date a script?
      – No the System will change the date to be the previous year
    3. Can I make the script Owing from the Date Prescribed?
      – Yes, Just type O
    4. Does the label preview update when typing the directions?
      – Yes it does.
    5. How do I do a Deferred Script?
      – The repeat QTY plus a D, in the repeat box
    6. How do I do a Reg 24?
      – The Repeat QTY plus a R in the repeat field
    7. How do I doa Outside Repeat?
      – In the repeat field type the original repeats, a / , then remaining repeats and a U