Agency Payments

  1. For pharmacies that process agency payments select the ‘Agency Payment’ option from the LOTS ‘Point of Sale’ screen (as shown in Figure 1.9.1).
  2. Figure 1.9.1

    Figure 1.9.1

  3. The ‘Agency Payment’ screen will appear (as shown in Figure 1.9.2).
  4. Figure 1.9.2

    Figure 1.9.2

  5. Key in the ‘Salesperson’ ID, the Agency (that can be selected from the drop down scroll bar) and ‘Payment Amount’ required.
  6. To add a new Agency, select the ‘Edit’ button. (as shown in Figure 1.9.2)
  7. From the ‘Agencies’ screen, select the ‘Add’ button (as shown in Figure 1.9.3).
  8. Figure 1.9.3

    Figure 1.9.3

  9. Enter the name for the new agency. (as shown in Figure 1.9.4) Click the ‘Ok’ button and then the ‘Exit’ button to continue with the Payment.
  10. Figure 1.9.4

    Figure 1.9.4

  11. To complete the transaction, as with a new sale, press the [+] key or alternatively select the ‘Ok’ button.