Sell a Companion Item at POS

  1. To companion sell an item at POS navigate from the LOTS Start MenuSales
  2. In the ‘LOTS Point of Sale’ screen select ‘New Sale’.
  3. Once in the ‘LOTS New Sale’ screen select the item that has the companion items linked to it.
  4. Figure 3.5.1

    Figure 3.5.1

  5. As soon as you select the item, the ‘Companion Items’ window will appear (see Figure 3.5.1). The image and a companion sale message will also be displayed in the customer display screen (as shown in Figure 3.5.2).
  6. Figure 3.5.2

    Figure 3.5.2

    Note: The companion sale message will only appear when set in LOTS Main menu Tools Options Companion Sales.

  7. To add the item to the sale select ‘Add To Sale’. If you do not wish to add the companion item to the sale select ‘Cancel’.

Note: In situations where you have more than one companion item you will be able to add multiple items to the sale.