LOTS Voucher Program

The LOTS Voucher program provides you with the functionality to print a promotional offer or discount voucher at the end of the docket if the sale exceeds a preset amount.

An example of a similar voucher program is the fuel discount voucher. This is used by supermarkets whereby if you spend a minimum of $30.00; a discount voucher message is printed on your supermarket docket.

If the docket is presented to a participating fuel station you receive a discount on your fuel purchase.

The Voucher program may be used for a number of Pharmacy promotional or loyalty programs.

  1. From the LOTS Main Menu Tools Options POS Receipts Tab (as shown on Figure 1.16.1).
  2. Figure 1.16.1

    Figure 1.16.1

  3. Select the ‘Enable Receipt Voucher’ tick box.
  4. Enter the $ amount for the ‘Min Sale Value (Trigger Amount)’.
  5. Type the Voucher message that will be displayed on the bottom of the docket if the minimum purchase is reached.
  6. Click ‘OK’ to save.
  7. Process sales at the register as normal. If the purchase is greater than minimum amount set (excluding PBS scripts) the docket will print the message

Note: PBS scripts are not included in the minimum purchase amount. Also, ticking the ‘Allow Scripts (Private Scripts Only)’ option will include private scripts in the minimum purchase total. If unticked no script items will be included at all.